Company Currently
hold a team size of 15-20.

Harlax Software prides itself with a proficient team of 15-20 employees who are supremely skilled in their respective fields and are determined to leave no stone unturned to efficiently accomplish their tasks. We, here at Harlax are ready to go that extra mile to content our esteemed clients with IT solutions, tailor made to meet their required demands. Each of our team members are polished and savvy professionals who operate with a very dedicated and strong work ethic that pivots around client satisfaction.

Company currently hold a team size of 15-20 which includes developers, network, administration, accounts, senior members.

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We have been in the business since over 20 years and have literally seen the technological and IT scenario getting successfully disrupted . The current scenario has become very cut throat, dynamic and we realise the need for being updated and abreast with all the new proceedings in our field of operations all the time. We have made a strong footing for ourselves in India, China, Taiwan and have lately started to burgeon our presence in Europe and America too. Over the years we have been successful in providing customised services to our clients which were pertinent to their spheres of business and operations. We specialize in desktop and web based applications, software solutions, front end and back end operations, system integration and a highly specialized set of business automation tools. We have had patrons from edu tech, finance, logistics, finance, telecom and media sectors to name a few. We feel immense honour in stating that we have been instrumental in the resurrection and revamping of various businesses ranging from start-ups, SMBs, to corporates and MNCs. Our hard work and dedication has made us a name to reckon with when it comes to specialized software and IT solutions.

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OVER 1300

PHP can be used to develop world class web applications, e-commerce solution, Custom CMS Solution and much more. Perfectly suited for extensive PHP Development and remote support and maintenance, Harlax focuses on providing innovative services that encompasses High Performance, High Efficiency and Cost Effective Development Strategy to meet requirements of its clients.

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It continues to be one of the most disruptive technologies in its impact and reach. Enterprises are constantly challenged to keep pace with accelerated proliferation of devices with multiple form factors on different platforms, and evolving enterprise business needs. Enterprises are finding it difficult to maximize the potential of mobility opportunities in areas of consumer engagement, workplace solutions and partner engagement.

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OUR Proficiency

We work with latest technologies.