Open Source

At Harlax Software we are well versed with the use of open source technology that gives added cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability benefits. Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. It uses a very sophisticated technology and has greater viability for the developers. Open source technology is a growing a favoured trend used in the GIS as the source code is easily available to the public to edit, view and redistribute. Open source software is defined by the kind of license it is available under. These licenses include the Apache 2.0 license, the Microsoft Public License, and the GNU General Public License.

Lowered costs :-

  • The products of the open source software are normally free to download though there are certain running costs that need to be incurred such as storage and computing power. Despite of all these costs, the open source technology is still cheaper than its counterparts.

Customization :-

  • The open source technology provides a greater degree of customization as compared to the other proprietary counterparts and that is a big advantage. The standard of the software can be maintained throughout its lifetime as it is regularly modified and improved by the developers.

Licensing :-

  • The proprietary software licenses generally have strict and rigid rules. There is a limit on the number of installations and the manner of use. When we talk of the open source technology, the licenses come with no such obligations. The user is free and in a position to use it on as many locations and on as many accounts as he desires.

Updating :-

  • The open source softwares are normally updated on regular basis by the developers. The open source software’s bugs are easily discovered and hence corrected as compared to the proprietary ones. The users are also free to stick to the version available if they desire. The proprietary softwares have a shorter shelf life and the user has to invest in new versions and features the original purchase lacked.