With Harlax you can

[a] Acquire information and interpret five times faster than your competitors through user’s friendly functionality & quick implementation.
[b] Enjoy full interactions, which is accomplished with 100% transparency.
[c] Achieve more relevant, accurate, complete & timely results.
[d] Get the maximum out of the application with quite reasonable price.

Harlax, is presently concentrating deeply on future developments and entering partnerships to uplift its technological platform at higher level in various fields


You can feel the excellent results of outsourcing - with HARLAX as your trusted friend and guide. A good number of commercial and government clients in various countries benefits from our advanced and secure infrastructure

Harlax Software provides people full scope of enterprise and Web-based information for taking well-informed conclusions. All kinds of structured and unstructured digital information, are available in our open, web-based solution where these are gathered to analyze and then organized in a single, unified navigation view so that it displays dynamically the content in context.

Harlax helps you to find out new areas of exploration and gives you the privilege of “let us tell you, what you don’t know”.

Harlax’s navigation solutions, empowers you to know what is stored in your network and how it is classified. You will find an informed view of everything, which concerns to your specific search according to your taste & interest.

System Integration

When we talk about the innovative, complex and mission-critical systems integration tasks, we have even satisfied the most complicate demanding clients. We guide our customers by making plans, designs and with implementation of proven, innovative customs or packaged solutions, which in time, will be helpful as well as useful to achieve their business goals.


By our business and It consulting we enable our customers to process improvements and their implementations. We offer our customers, the technologies and business models which allows them to make quick and efficient improvements in the manner they do their business.