Real state and property

The main function of a solution provider in the real estate sector is to make the realtor’s professional life easier so that he/she can use their time more efficiently and fruitfully. Through our in depth understanding of the business process management (BPM) and various analytics and tools, our main aim is to optimally bring together the people and the information so that it can be used for maximum benefit to all.

Harlex Advantage

Customer relationship management :-

  • We use state of art CRM tools such as realty juggler, constant contact and others to ensure that the client’s customers are able to access whatever information that might want at any given time.

Cost and operational optimisation :-

  • Through high end connectivity solutions and optimal workflow management . Through our tailor made techniques and cutting edge technology we are able to help our clients achieve the economies of time and scale.

Realising long term goals and objectives :-

  • With a tailor made and comprehensive IT infrastructure in place, the management of the client organisation can be endowed with up to date information regularly and this information can be instrumental for the organisation in devising strategies to realise its long term goals and objectives.

Coping with change :-

  • The IT infrastructure helps the organization in coping up with various changes that continue to disrupt this space. The buying and selling patterns have started lumping towards the internet side and internet often has a strong role to play in the transactions. We leverage our expertise and knowledge to our clients in order to help them be profitable and up to date in this dynamic work environment.

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