Transportation as a sector involves usage of multiple vehicles and the point of interest is often moving from one instance to the other. This sector depends upon a sophisticated and an inter disciplinary framework that facilitates co ordination between its various dimensions in order to ensure a smooth functioning. A good and conducive IT infrastructure is cardinal to the success of transportation business. The aim is to reduce the transportation cost and increase the delivery reliability by a proper interoperatability of operations.

Harlex Advantage

Tackling supply chain complexibility :-

  • Through our in depth understanding of the business process management and availability of customized tools we enable our clients to manage their domestic and international transport operations. Our aim is to integrate the partner systems with a single control layer, in order to facilitate ease of monitoring. We fully understand the value of a proper supply chain management in this sector as thus strive to create the most optimum solutions for the same for our clients.

Electronic load tendering and track/trace functions :-

  • All parties including the logistics service provider collaborate on the cloud with transportation management. Through our analytics and tools we allow all the inbound as well as outbound orders to be evaluated by a module that aims at providing the best routing solutions to our clients.

Improving accountability :-

  • By making all the parties visible through the transport chain our main aim is to improve the efficiency and enhance the credibility of our client companies. A proper transport management system(TMS) is instrumental in improving the credibility and accountability of the organisation.

Freight payment and audit :-

  • We enable our clients to receive freight bills electronically, standardize the format and achieve rectification of discrepancies through an all inclusive and a collaborative model of operations. This improves the flow of operations and an ease of execution and accounting.

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