The tourism industry contributes to nearly 10% of the world GDP. The sector has experienced a lot of advancement and demand in the past few years. The disposable income available at the hands of the people has considerable increased and people have started travelling significantly more. The proliferation of smartphones, internet and information explosion and innovation of various technology-driven tools and platforms, the digitisation of the travel and hospitality sector has gained a lot of momentum. The growth for the same has been very rampant in the past few years.

Harlex Advantage

value addition for customers :-

  • Through our in depth understanding of the business process management and various analytical tools, we are able to deploy the most optimum tools for creating the most dynamic platforms for our clients. our main aim is to add value to the customer experience by optimising the UI/UX designs. a user friendly interface that provides a conducive web environment is paramount for us. We aim at providing the best and the most convenient user experience through our clients for example in online sales and travel bookings..

Automation of operations :-

  • Digital revolution has fully engulfed the travel sector and we at Harlax, are fully aware of this disruption. We aim at deploying creative business digital models that aim at providing maximum value to our clients. we are versed with the desktop and mobile applications development and can thus enable our clients to automate and streamline their operations so as to ensure an optimised flow of operations. Through our in depth knowledge of the business process management we aim at achieving the most suitable digital solutions for our clients.

Wider reach :-

  • Through our tailor made tools and techniques we enable our clients to reach a wider audience by enhancing their presence digitally. We are competent in using the social media platforms as well as other portals for the client’s advantage. Our various analytics and tools help us in transforming our clients’ businesses for the best. When a wider reach is ensured the probability f translating it into profits considerably increases.

Optimising travel e commerce marketing :-

  • Owing to our in-depth and high-quality insights about this sector we are competent in providing our clients with optimum strategy recommendations. These strategies can be deployed for the maximum advantage and success of our client companies. We have the perfect marketing mix tailor made to suit the needs and requirements of our clients. A proper marketing mix in place can go a long way in terms of business growth and marketing standing.

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